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Thank you for the photos they are great, and we certainly did have a good time and will be recommending to others that they book a tour with you. Thanks again Joanna
Hello Martin, Many thanks for the photos you sent me of the 25 July Beer Nuts day out to the Swan Valley. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the beers I tasted. My favourite place was Elmar's (we went back there with a wine tour a week later) During our stay in Australia we also went to Broome (very hot) and Scarborough Beach, Perth (howling gale). Back home in the rain now, we have many happy memories of our stay in Perth - the Beer Nuts Tour was one of my highlights. The group of Aussies I spent the day with were so friendly and very jolly. Best wishes Danny
Hi Martin, We just wanted to thankyou for a fantastic day on Saturday, we all had such a great time. Also thankyou for the pics ! We all are interested in doing the tour again in a few months time so we will be in touch. I was wondering if you have any brochures that I could leave in our Staffrooms at work ? We have 3 staffrooms & I could pin them on the notice boards. Terina
Hey Martin, the photos are just great. Had a ball, great tasting different beers. The company was great, you are a fantastic host. The meal was great. This was the best tour I've ever been on, love to go again. Can't stop raving about it. Thanks Martin. From Greg
It was just as good if not better than the last time so thanks for that! You will hopefully see us every year! Jacqui
Hi Martin, I rec'd the DVD with your photos yesterday - thank you so much. You take fabulous photos - im sure everyone will be happy with a nice shot from the day as compared to some of our 'drunken shots' Some of the members that didnt come were bit jealous when we were all talking about how great the day was, and some of the guys have even suggested doing another tour later in the year. Thankyou again for a fabulous day! Jayi